Monday, 22 April 2013

World Earth Day 2013

_________________________ World Earth Day 2013 __________________________

Today is 22nd April, World Earth Day. To generate awareness about our environment and the need to preserve it.

My take is that environment is an asset which we have borrowed from our children. We have no right to degrade it. We should hand it over back to them in a better shape than what we inherited. Are we doing so? The answer is an emphatic no! We have denuded forests, polluted the rivers/lakes, discharged poison into the soil, killed tigers/ other animals and caused global warming!

What can we do? Many many small things like:

  • Avoid use of plastics
  • Recycle paper and kitchen waste (gives you vermi compost at home)
  • Let rain water re-charge soil around your house/apartment.
  • Use solar energy for water heating and emergency lighting
These measures do not require big investment. Just do it!
Take a pledge.

Remember, every person counts. So, get going.

We can count on you!

  Ghumakkad Harsh/ 22nd April 2013

__________________ Let us preserve the environment _______________________

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ranthambor 6 The Fort and around Sawai Madhopur

________________ Fort and around Sawai Madhopur _____________________

As mentioned earlier, the National Park covers a core zone of 330 Sq km. This includes Ranthambor Fort and Ganesh Temple built in 10th century AD.

Overlooking the Aravali ranges, the fort is indefatigable. See for yourself.
Sadly, we could not trek up the hill for more views from inside the Fort. May be next time.


We now take you around Sawai Madhopur town which houses various Hotels and Resorts for the tourists.
It offers packages for every budget. The town thrives on tourism. Summer/monsoon months of July-Sep are lean season as the Park is closed.


Thus ended three days of excitement at Ranthambor and Sawai Madhopur.
Your experiences/pictures are welcome.

Till next
   Ghumakkad Harsh/ 10th Apr 2013

____________________ End of Ranthambor Part-6 _______________________________

Ranthambor 5 Birds in the National Park

____________________ Birds of Ranthambor National Park __________________

Ranthambor National Park has plenty of avi-fauna.
During the two days (27-28 March 2013) when we took the safari into the park, here are few pictures. Most shots from a moving vehicle-- hence at times not as sharp.

There are many more species which we sighted but are not in the pictures. These included:
Grey Indian Partridge
Brahminy Mynah
Grey Hornbill
Spotted Dove
Collared Dove
Cattle Egret
Common Ducks etc.

Enjoy the picture of other species which we could 'shoot' with my camera. Please do point out if a bird has been wrongly identified. We will acknowledge your contribution while making the correction.

In the next part, we will take you to Ranthambor Fort and around Sawai Madhopur.
Bye till then

  Ghumakkad Harsh

_____________________ End of Pictures- Birds of Ranthambor___________________________